Ichijou Masaki (一条 将輝) is the deuteragonist of Guiding Time: Mahouka. He is a member of the Immortal Household. Masaki is immortal due to the ritual the goddess Centuria invoked. He represents fire out of the four immortals.

Identities Edit

Masaki currently has no other identities. He uses his real name at Third High School.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Ichijou Masaki is a loyal young man who sometimes gets into arguments with Altan Ganbaatar, and is otherwise an amicable fellow. He dresses infomally in a t-shirt and jeans after being convinced by Altan.

Masaki is a light-skinned Japanese male with short red hair and emerald eyes. He is muscular and broad-shouldered.

Background & History Edit

Masaki is the Heir of the Ichijou Clan, one of Japan's Ten Master Clans. His father, Ichijou Gouki, is the Head of the clan and his mother a housewife.

Relationships Edit

Altan Ganbaatar- Altan is Masaki's best friend who has had a profound impact on him and his knowledge of pre-war Americans. They are each other's confidants and would trust each other with their lives.

Akane Ichijou- Akane is one of Masaki's two younger sisters. They are very close. Masaki is often an emotional crutch for Akane, but he doesn't mind.

Ruri Ichijou- Ruri is Masaki's other sister. Although they are very fond of each other, Masaki seems to be less affectionate toward her than to Akane.

Shinkurou Kichijouji- Masaki is quite friendly to "George", initially because it was his mission to befriend him. Later, their friendship becomes less one-sided.

Ichijou Clan- Masaki sees them, predominantly, as just another Clan. He has a few latent emotional ties to them, but nothing as strong as familial ties or even remote friendliness to the clan in general.

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