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Welcome! This Wiki is CURRENTLY UNDER RECONSTRUCTION due to the author revamping the story.

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The Guiding Time series is a fanfiction series centered on the Irregular at Magic High School anime and manga characters Masaki, Akane, and Ruri Ichijou and Altansarnai Ganbaatar, an original character. It details the adventures of the four characters and their quest to stop many fandom's timelines from leading to ruin.

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Hello! I'm CureMystic, Guiding Time Wiki's admin. I'm also known as LittleBookwormOtaku, Guiding Time's author! Currently, the series has not been published, so please wait. I have been creating and editing pages with my notes on the wiki. Since I'm the author, I know some behind the scenes stuff, and some of it will not be mentioned in the story, or it has not yet been mentioned. I am redoing the story. It will be a while. Sorry about that.

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Book 1: Guiding Time: Mahouka

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